Application process ends December 31, 2018.

Our Chapter Leaders deliver Magic to their local cancer treatment centers and hospitals. They bring extra sparkle to little cancer fighters and thread together their community of Magic Makers (volunteers).  💖

Details below…

Chapter Leader Duties

  • Proficiently make each Magic Yarn wig by the standards set by the organization’s headquarters
  • Maintain an orderly storage space for all supplies (yarn skeins, head molds, wig stands, etc.)
  • Have 1-2 people that are committed to help you with all your Magic duties 🙂 You may still apply if you are working on this. Please provide their name(s) by Dec. 31.
  • Use  gift cards (provided by Magic Yarn) to your nearest craft stores for purchasing all supplies
  • Host local workshops for Magic Makers (at least 2 must be open to the public every year)
  • Create a minimum of 100 wigs within your chapter during the calendar year (you might be surprised that this is very doable! Our current Chapters all reached this goal within the first few months!)
  • Attend a 2-4 day Chapter Leader training at your Regional Headquarters (see dates and times below)
    1. Transportation, lodging, and breakfast & dinner meals are the responsibility of the chapter leader (lunches and all training materials and supplies will be provided)
  • Send all of Chapter’s wigs to Regional Leader for a period of at least 4 months or until it is determined that all wigs meet quality standards and can be delivered locally. (A minimum of 24 wigs total must meet standards before delivering locally and must include the following styles: Rapunzel/Elsa, Ariel/Rainbow, Moana, Jasmine, Anna, Jack Sparrow, Belle.
  • Be able to comfortably give public presentations and speak with press and local businesses/communities about The Magic Yarn Project
  • Fundraise a minimum of $1800/year to cover the costs of your supply gift cards and wig shipping costs
  • Check in with your regional leader on a regular basis to discuss how the chapter is doing, fundraising and volunteer efforts, and finished wig quality

We have very exciting news! In 2019, we will be partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our Chapter Leaders will have the opportunity to join their Chapter Leaders on in-patient visits and in-person wig deliveries to almost every major hospital in the US. Chapter Leaders will experience first-hand the Magic that fills the room when a child receives a Magic Yarn wig 💛✨

Phase 1 – Written Application Due November 1, 2018

    I love that something as simple as yarn can be transformed into a positive, lifetime memory for families across the world. Twenty years from now they could pull their beanie out of a forgotten box to be immediately swept-up in playful thoughts that The Magic Yarn Project helped create. Those playful thoughts can bring their childhood back and that is an amazing gift to have given.

    Kayci Love
    Kansas Chapter Leader

    My favorite part about being a Chapter Leader is meeting and corresponding with so many loving and giving people that want to help little cancer fighters. It reminds me that there are so many good people in the world that want to give back. These people inspire me!

    Gay Richards
    Southern California Chapter Leader

    Being able to bring The Magic Yarn Project to new areas. My time in Macon and Atlanta, Georgia was so special. Both of those workshops have yielded passionate wig makers. I hope to be able to travel to other areas in my region after the first of the year.
    Laurie Campbell
    North Florida Chapter Leader

    You will be notified if you are invited to begin Phase 2 by Nov. 15, 2019

    Phase 2 – Deadline for completion December 31, 2018.

    Please send the following completed wigs (beanie style) to your nearest chapter leader for quality inspection:

    • 1 Ariel or Rainbow wig
    • 1 Rapunzel OR Elsa wig
    • 1 Jasmine wig
    • 1 Anna wig
    • 1 Jack Sparrow Wig
    • 1 Moana wig
    • 1 Belle wig

    ** Please follow every instruction on the tutorials to ensure that your wigs will meet standards. When shipping your wigs, please place them in plastic Ziploc bags to keep them dry and protected and include a note with the wigs that you are sending these as a part of the Chapter Leader Application process.

    These will be the new Regions in 2019. The current Chapter Leaders’ map differs. Please follow the link of your State to find your Chapter Leader Training Dates and Location.

    Please click on your color below for Training dates, locations, and Phase 2 mailing addresses


    Star Bright


    Cherry Blossom