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We want to hear from you! You can get in touch with Magic Yarn Headquarters anytime using the contact details below.

Looking for a local leader? Please refer to our Region Map here for details about workshops, Chapters, and more near you. 

For questions about joining the Magic Yarn team, nonprofit partnerships, hosting large workshops, hospitals we serve, or volunteer relations:

Holly Christensen, co-founder

For questions about press, branding, fundraising, sponsorships, or Magic Yarn merchandise:

Bree Hitchcock, co-founder

For questions about approved materials, crochet and wig patterns, or the Magic Circle forums: 

Laurie Campbell, program director

To talk to a Magic Yarn leader about how you can get involved:

Find the contact information for your area’s Region Leader here.

For all other questions: 

Email our Glinterns team at

You can always find our Headquarters mailing address, general email address, tax exempt number, and more at the very bottom of every page on The Magic Yarn Project’s site.