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If only we had our own fairy godmother who could spin sparkly yarn wigs from thin air, for every courageous princess and pirate! Alas, in the real world we must rely on the kind hearts of generous people, such as yourself. In a way, you all are our fairy godmothers 🙂

The Magic Yarn Project is a tax exempt 501 c(3) organization. Your donation through Paypal or check is tax exempt! If you would like a receipt for your tax filing purposes please fill out the following form.

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Please mail checks to:
The Magic Yarn Project
PO Box 83
Palmer, AK 99645


Your generous gift will go towards:

$20 ……. Supplies for 1 wig
$50 ……. Creation and delivery of 1 wig
$250 ….. Creation and delivery of 5 wigs anywhere worldwide
$1500 … Workshop supplies for 50 Magic Makers
$3000 … Sponsor an out-of-Alaska workshop in the US