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Anna's Tiara

Where can I find the pattern for Anna's Tiara (the two-toned one with several round shapes at the top)? I thought I'd downloaded all the tiara patterns available on this website - can't find that one.


I hope this is the one you are referring to. It's on the tiara page.




Thanks for the reference. I already have that pattern and have followed it and made several tiaras. I'm looking for the instructions to make the tiara that has five large circles at the top (similar to this pattern, but appears quite different). It may be someone's alteration of the original pattern you referenced, but I don't know how to make the large circles at the top. I've asked around on FB and here, and tried YouTube, but I can't seem to find a reference for making those large circles. I will keep searching because I really want to duplicate the tiara that is worn by the beautiful little girl in the accompanying photo on Anna's page (i.e., the one worn by Princess Lelia).


Thank you,