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Lion Brand Homespun Colors

I can’t find Homespun Barks anywhere, not even online. Can I use Edwardian or Midnight Stripes instead? I know it’s not close to the Barks, but they are grayish? I have Black and Desert Mountain already for the black and brown. Also just a heads up, Desert Mountain is getting difficult to find these days, too. It’s only available online now and only at Joann and Amazon.

Hi Rebecca,

Edwardian would be great. You can also select a gray from the other approved brands.


Perfect. Thank you! I have Edwardian and Black in the Homespun texture, so that’s good news! Now I’m wondering can I sub Homespun Barely for Desert Mountain? It’s not available from Michaels or Joann right now (in-store or online), but I just placed an order of a dozen skeins of barley from Joann to stock up for Moana. I’m feeling a little cash-depleted now and don’t want to pay $7 shipping for a $7 skein of Desert Mountain yarn from Lion Brand’s website or Amazon. 😖