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Problem with measurements

Hi, I'm a new crocheter, last year I saw this program and decided to learn so I could participate.  I've come a long way in a year and can do snowflakes, tiaras, and starfish.  I tried the beanies again.  The first one came out well.  My 2nd....It seems that the brim width is increasing with every row moreso than my length.  I get to 9.75in width when I only have 5 in in length.  What am I doing wrong?  I am very careful to not increase my stitches, at least I think I am.

Also, I don't get to a 6 in crown width in 8 rows, I have to do 9.  Should I go up a hook size?  I'm using a 5.50mm

Thanks for any help

Hi Dawn,

Never go up a hook size. The most common feedback our Region Leaders give is to go down a hook size.

The crown does not need to be 6 inches exactly and the width should not change much continuing on past the 5 inches in length.

I recommend sending one where you did not add the extra row of increase and one where you did. Mark them accordingly and include the hook size. Your Region Leader will be able to give better feedback actually holding one of your beanies.

OK, great.  That is exactly what I did and it is heading out to her today.  Thanks