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We currently need A LOT of yarn! There are 2 types that we use:

***Please only send new and clean yarn 🙂 ***


Type 1. Red Heart Yarn or Caron (or similar yarn) – Worsted Weight

1 skein creates and entire head of “hair” for any of our princess styles!

Large_0346164 Large_0346201 b2303c22-f14b-44f6-aa13-2a8d8d8adeac red-heart-super-saver-chunky-yarn-cherry-red-7 Bonbon Yarn for Rainbow yarn wigs  red-heart-shimmer-yarn-red-3 548f8b6d-f363-4306-aade-9e029aa46ad2 red-heart-super-saver-yarn-economy-size-pale-yellow-2 59d7e475-37b6-4552-8b1a-512644de8962 Black sparkly yarn for Jasmine yarn wigs Fun yellow yarn for Rapunzel's looooong braid! Wavy yarn for a Rapunzel yarn wig!

Colors: White, Sparkly White, Red, Sparkly Red, Light Yellow, Black, Brown, and Reddish-brown


Type 2. Red Heart Yarn With Love or another soft yarn – Worsted weight

1 skein creates 2-3 beanies.

0d47441c-d32b-4652-a629-01de00c8dd3e 7d4d95af-9a69-4a9c-8b16-4a7d6c03e0bb 80fec6ab-6c35-49e2-a5eb-4a5b3e60b0ed red-heart-super-saver-chunky-yarn-cherry-red-7 Large_0346164 Large_0346201 aa76e1be-b8d0-4b59-a5c3-131a38863c69 Medium_0284700 red-heart-with-love-yarn-blue-hawaii-2

Colors: Dark Purple, Royal Blue, Maroon, Red, White, Black, Light Yellow, Aqua, and Light Blue

*These colors are approximates. Feel free to donate similar shades.

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When you send us yarn from these links, we also receive a portion of the proceeds!!!



Please mail yarn donations (only clean and new yarn) to:

THE MAGIC YARN PROJECT, PO Box 83, Palmer, AK, 99645


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