“Fun” Raising!

Besides donating funds, there are multiple ways you can help out The Magic Yarn Project!  Here are some fun ways you, or your organization, can get involved:

Donate Yarn

We create our yarn wigs on top of beanies crocheted using soft yarn.  Not only are these wigs beautiful and whimsical, but they are practical.  Cancer treatments often leave little girls’ bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs which can often be scratchy.  These wigs provide a soft and comfortable head covering that is also magical and fun. We have so many little heads to cover!  We need a lot of yarn!  There are two types of yarn that we need »

Sticker Drive

Particularly popular with our younger volunteers, a sticker drive is a fun way to get involved! We use the stickers to decorate the outside of our greeting cards. We need stickers that are somehow related to each wig style – you don’t have to be too specific, we’re not picky 🙂

Ribbon Drive

Most of our wigs need ribbon. If you’re interested in a ribbon drive please email us, and we can assess what colors and styles we need most!

Shipping Costs

Almost all of our wigs are shipped to US States and countries abroad. Our shipping costs comprise roughly 1/3 of each wig’s cost! Help us send as many giggly-wigs as we can to brave cancer warriors worldwide.

Spread the Word

Need informative flyers to hand out?  Print out the following:

Printable Flyer