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Would you like to host a workshop in your community making princess and pirate wigs for little cancer fighters?  Here’s how you can!

1. Watch a wig tutorial video and make 2 wigs on your own. Make sure you always go through the final checklist! Checklist PDF.

2. Send your finished wigs to Your nearest Chapter Leader.

3. If your 2 wigs meet our quality standards listed on our final wig checklist (they must be PERFECT), we will then be able to send you 6 wig kits of a similar style to the wigs you created, so you can then teach up to 3 friends how to make the wigs!

4. Our wig kits include: approved crocheted beanie with elastic, bedazzled and crocheted accessories (tiara, flowers, starfish, snowflakes, etc), Magic Yarn greeting card with decorated envelope, Magic Yarn information card for parents, bag for packaging the wig, choking hazard warning tag. You will need to supply all other materials for the workshop (see supply list below).

5. Once those 6 wigs have been completed and returned to us (and are perfect), we will send up to 20 wig kits so that you and your wig-making friends can put on a workshop!

**A helpful tip: having a few wigs on hand that are in various stages of being completed offers a great visual aide as you teach others how to properly make and style the wigs.**

***For quality control purposes, we ask that at least one experienced wig-maker be available to instruct every 6 wigs being made at a workshop.  Even proficient Magic Makers have a difficult time monitoring more than that at a given time! ***

6. Make sure every finished wig passes the Finished Wig Checklist and send your finished wigs to your nearest Chapter Leader.

7. Feel the warm and fuzzies from making a difference in the lives of young cancer fighters ❤️

8. Follow us on to maybe see a photo of a little one wearing your creation!


Though we will provide the wig kits for your workshop, we are financially unable to provide all supplies you will need to make these wigs and we want Magic Makers to know ahead of time that supplying everything for a 20 wig workshop often costs between $300-$400.  Supplies you will need to provide at a workshop include:

~ 21” circumference foam heads. It is extremely important that they be 21 inches.  We have found that wigs made on a 20” circumference head often end up being too tight and uncomfortable for even 4 year old heads to tolerate, so please make sure you have the right size head so we can make the best-fitting wigs possible for these children.  To the right is a picture of a 20” head (on the left with a shorter neck) and a 21” head (on the right with a longer neck).  Be mindful that the 20” heads are often what you will find at JoAnn’s, Michael’s, and other crafting stores.  The 21” heads can sometimes be difficult to find in stores, but they are available on Amazon and are cheap when bought in bulk (which you will need for a workshop, anyway).

~ All yarn for the hair.  All yarn will need to be cut to the right lengths and bundled before your workshop as shown in our video tutorials.

~ H size crochet hooks.

~ T-pins to secure the beanie to the head

~ Scissors

~ Wig stands. It becomes infinitely easier to beautifully style the long strands of yarn when placed on a stand.  We have seen Magic Makers get innovative using kitchen paper towel holder as wig stands, but we most commonly see Magic Makers using stands similar to ours: ⅞” dowels stuck into 4” x 6” wood blocks with holes bored into them to keep the dowels upright and stable.

~ Glue guns and hot glue.  We highly recommend that you use the mini glue guns; they disperse smaller portions of hot glue at once, reducing the risk of getting too much hot glue onto the beanie that can then seep to the inside and ruin the wig.

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