Princess Arli

*Rainbow Miracle* Written by Princess Arli’s Mama

We were getting ready to go to Thursday’s fundraiser, when Arli said, “Mama, I can’t go. I can’t go to the party. I don’t have hair.”

I offered her several options, “Do you want to wear one of your pretty bows or a hat?”

Arli looked down and said quietly, “No, Mama. It’s a party. I need my hair.”

My heart sank. Arli is so happy-go-lucky. This was the first time she’d given any indication she missed her hair.

With only fifteen minutes before we needed to leave, I fumbled for ideas. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. A package had arrived. It was a rainbow wig for Arli!

I placed the soft, lovely wig on Arli’s head and she smiled from ear to ear!

“Oh, Mama. I have rainbow hair!”

This miracle was made possible by an organization called The Magic Yarn Project. The Magic Yarn Project makes princess yarn wigs for little cancer fighters like Arli. Every wig is a gift of time, yarn, and money given by their donors – known as Magic Makers. Candice Bales is the kind Magic Maker who made Arli’s wig.

Thank you, Candice and all other Magic Makers! You made Arli feel like a rainbow princess and helped answer this mama’s prayer.