We have hundreds of brave little girls who are waiting for a wig! When you send your made-with-love wig to us, we will find it a very special home. We will also include your name, city, & State on the greeting card included in the package. Thank you for helping to create sweet smiles!

For this fun and flowy wig you will need a 1 black Type 3 beanie

You will need a Type 2 beanie (maroon and royal blue) OR a Type 3 beanie (Auburn color that matched her “hair”)

You will need a Dark Red, Type 1 crocheted beanie

You will need a Black, Type 1 crocheted beanie

You will need a Red, Type 1 crocheted beanie

You will need a white Type 1 crocheted beanie.

Elsa Wig question?

You will need a yellow  Type 1 crocheted beanie

Rapunzel Wig questions?

You’ll need a blue/white Elsa Type 2 Beanie

Elsa Beanie Wig Questions?

You will need an Anna Type 2 Beanie – please make sure it measures 6.5in from crown to brim when laid flat.. 

Anna Beanie Questions?

Crocheted Beanie Questions?



Before you lovingly give your wig away, please make sure you go over our Finished Wig Checklist 

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