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Virtual Workshops allow you to learn how to make a wig from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

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How It Works

1. Become a Magic Circle Member

Magic Circle Members are our sustaining supporters. They receive exclusive access to additional resources, workshops, training with our top leaders, merchandise discounts, and more!

2. Browse the Virtual Workshop Calendar

Hosted by our Magic Yarn experts, video conference Virtual Workshops are available multiple days per month at times that fit your schedule. 

3. Prepare for Your Workshop

Find shopping details  and more on the event signup page. Don’t crochet? Not a problem! We send you all of the crocheted items to make your wig, free of charge. 

4. Send Your Completed Wig to Your Region Leader

Ship your finished wig to your nearest Region Leader, and we will gift it to a brave little cancer fighter somewhere in the world! 

Please Don't Deliver to Hospitals

After your workshop, you will send your wig to your nearest Region Leader. We’ve worked hard to grow our relationships with oncology centers, and all of our wigs must pass a strict quality control test by a Magic Yarn Project team member before delivery.

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For Magic Makers who feel the pull to get royally involved!

Host workshops with Wig Kits from Magic Yarn!

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