What We Need

Updated 10/24/2017

Thank you so much for checking out our current list of needed Magic needs!!!

Magic Makers, you are on fire!
In a little over a month, an additional 500 wigs have been made and nearly 500 more kits put together. Surprisingly, we are HURTING for more wig kits as Magic Makers across the country are producing more wigs for children with cancer at a rapid pace!
As we get ready to make even more kits, we are either completely out of or dangerously low on the following
(indicates we have completely run out)

1. Beanies Beanies Beanies!!!

However, with an average of 300 wigs being mailed off each month lately, and with many workshops planned by Magic Makers across the country in the near future, these beanies are gone almost as soon as they come in! We are STILL very short on several varieties of beanies. In order of greatest need:

Type 3 Beanie – black

(for our Moana, Tiana, and Jasmine wigs)

❗Maroon and blue type 2 beanies (for Anna wigs)

Rapunzel Type 3 beanie – yellow. Please use Caron Simply Soft yarn in Sunshine 🙂

❗Superhero Beanies

We have received over 50 of these in the past few weeks and we are ALREADY almost out! While we could use all styles listed on our website, we could especially use more (in order of need) Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, and Superman beanies! 

2. Accessories!

Purple, teal, or turquoise bedazzled tiaras (for Ariel wigs)

❗Maroon and Royal blue bedazzled tiaras (for Anna wigs)

❗ Teal/turquoise tiaras for Jasmine9

Yellow tiaras for Belle

Small pink and purple bedazzled silk/fake flowers for Rapunzel wigs

Light blue snowflakes – 2-6in across – we need HUNDREDS of these!

Bedazzled white snowflakes, 6 inches across

3. Decorated Envelopes!



Must be at least 5.25″ X 7.25″ with centers left blank to address to children who receive the wig.  <3

**Please ONLY send the following variety (we have an excessive amount of all other varieties):
✨ ❗Rapunzel
✨ Moana
✨ Pirate – Jack Sparrow
✨ Ariel

(indicates we have completely run out)


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