What We Need

Updated 3/7/18

Thank you so much for checking out our current list of needed Magic needs!!!

Every Princess Needs Her Accessories! 👑

Recently, we were able to get together at the Magic Yarn Headquarters with a half dozen Magic Makers to put together nearly 450 wig kits. With over 1,000 MORE beanies waiting to go into wig kits, we were able to assess what accessories we will need in order to finish putting together all these wig kits. We would love your help with the following:

1. Tiaras!

Rapunzel tiaras in shade of purple

Blue Elsa Tiaras

Purple, teal, or turquoise bedazzled tiaras (for Ariel wigs)

2. Snowflakes!

Crocheted Snowflakes

White Snowflakes

Bedazzled snowflakes in white and light blues

3. Flowers!

Small Rapunzel Flowers

4. Belle Bun, Ringlets, and Beanies – all made with matching yarn!

Belle Wig Pieces

5. Beanies Beanies Beanies!!!

Jack Sparrow

Type 2 Purple Rapunzel Beanie

All Superheros!

Please send finished wigs to:
The Magic Yarn Project
PO Box 83
Palmer, AK 99645

All accessories and beanies can be shipped to your nearest Chapter Leader!