Beanies! Beanies! Beanies!

💞 Each and every Magic Yarn wig begins with a beanie!
We need your help creating beanies for our Workshops and Wig Kits!

If this is your first Magic Yarn Beanie, please send two completed beanies to your Region Leader with the completed Feedback Form before making any more. Label the beanies with the hook size you used and the number of increase rounds, if any. Wait for feedback before creating more beanies. Not every beanie can handle the weight of the “hair” we attach to the wigs, and we want you to be successful right from the start!


We always need:

  • Solid-color beanies in Caron Simply Soft Black, White, Sunshine, Chocolate, and Harvest Red. These “Big Five” colors make up about 90% of our wig requests!
  • Solid-color beanies in our Rapunzel purples (see our approved purple shades here), Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red (or Red Heart Soft Wine), and in Lion Brand Heartland Yosemite.
  • Striped beanies for Elsa in Caron Simply Soft Robins Egg, Blue Mint, and a row or two of White (see picture below), and for Anna in Red Heart Soft Berry with about 4 rows of Royal Blue (see picture below).
  • For other color options, visit our All About Yarns page or Character Beanies page.
    In general, we don’t really need pink beanies. See our yarns list above for details. 

All of our beanies should be made 6.75in – 7.25in long, from crown to brim.