Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about how we make the Magic happen!

 Why princess wigs, pirate wigs, and superhero hats?

  • There is hardly a young girl or boy today who doesn’t love Disney movie stars, who are symbols of strength, courage, and true determination for young children everywhere. With or without hair, these kids are strong and beautiful, but having a chance to step into the role of their favorite hero by putting on a wig or beanie provides a magical escape for those who find themselves entrenched in the painful and difficult world of cancer.

Are certain kinds of yarn needed to make these wigs?

  • We create our yarn wigs on top of beanies crocheted using synthetic, soft yarn. Not only are these wigs beautiful and whimsical, but they are practical. Cancer treatments often leave children’s bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs, which can be scratchy and ill-fitting. Our durable, 100% acrylic yarn wigs are hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and carefully crafted to hold up to years of play and love. These wigs provide a soft and comfortable head covering that is also magical and fun — and easy for families to care for. Read more about our approved yarns here. 

I have a lot of yarn that I’m not going to use. Can I donate it to you?

Due to health and safety regulations from the hospitals that receive our wigs, we are only able to accept donations of new yarnThis yarn must come from smoke-free, pet-hair-free environments, and in order to ensure that we’re able to match it with all the pieces donated by volunteers from across the country, it needs to be one of our approved colors and brandsYou can find out more about the brands and colors that we need on this page. If you feel that your yarn falls under these requirements, check out our donation locations here.

If your yarn isn’t a good fit, we also love sharing yarn with another nonprofit named Project Linus. The volunteers at Project Linus use all kinds of yarn to create blankets for children in need, and they always love donations! You can find out more about them on their site,

Where is The Magic Yarn Project based and how does it operate?

  • The Magic Yarn Project was created in Palmer, Alaska in October 2015. We started from humble means with the initial effort of two mothers, but we have since expanded to include dozens of chapters and hundreds of workshop locations all over the world.  Volunteer crocheters send us carefully-crafted beanies (see our patterns here), and then “Magic Makers” from the community add strands of long hair into princess hairstyles during workshops (view our workshop schedule here). Finally, our leaders package and deliver these wigs to little cancer-fighters worldwide — for free! Read more about our story here. 

How can I help?

  • There are so many ways you can help! Since we send wigs for free to any little cancer fighter in the world, our biggest need is always for donated funds to sponsor our shipping costs. You can host a local fundraiser to gather support, “donate your birthday” on Facebook, or make a contribution directly at this link. If you would like to get involved crafting with us, you can crochet at home, attend a live workshop and make a wig, or help us out in dozens of other ways. Use the “Get Involved” drop-down menu above to browse all of our volunteer opportunities. We welcome any and all help, and thank our many Magic Makers for their contributions. We literally couldn’t do it without you!

I would love to make these wigs!  How can I do that?

    • We firmly believe that anyone can make Magic! In order to ensure that we are gifting little cancer fighters the highest-quality wigs possible, and to help you be successful making wigs right from the start, we encourage all first-time Magic Makers to learn our techniques from one of our trained leaders. We offer free in-person workshops all over the country! Click here to view our workshop schedule, or click here to get in touch with the leader nearest you about private workshop opportunities.

      We also offer a membership program that provides all the tools you need to make a wig from home. Becoming a Magic Circle member is a beautiful way to sponsor our mission of delivering wigs to children anywhere in the world, free of charge. It also gives you unlimited access to all of our video wig tutorials, tips and tricks, supply shopping and wig-making checklists, private online question-and-answer forums with our Magic Yarn leadership, and — new for 2020 — live virtual workshops that you can attend from anywhere in the world via video conference! Find out more about the perks of a Magic Circle membership here.

    I have begun making wigs on my own to give to local children.  Is this okay?  Do I need your permission?

    • We have no patent on yarn wigs, so you are free to make wigs and do with them as you wish. We are glad that our project has inspired others to make a little magic for the cancer fighters in their area, because service and volunteerism are a key part of our project’s mission. However, we ask that you do not affiliate your work with The Magic Yarn Project unless you are planning on sending the wigs you make to us to be checked, sized, and sent out with our special packaging. After feedback from parents on thousands of wigs and years of trial and error, we have discovered that while anyone can make these wigs, the final product needs to meet certain standards in order to be comfortable and wearable on the tender little scalps of cancer patients. We have also worked tirelessly to develop relationships of trust with hospitals and cancer centers; they know that seeing the Magic Yarn Project’s name means that they are receiving wigs that have passed our rigorous quality controls for durability, comfort, safety, and consistency. Thank you for respecting the hundreds of thousands of hours of work performed by Magic Yarn Project volunteers by respecting the standards of the Magic Yarn Project name! 

    How can I request a wig?

    If you would like to request a free wig for a little cancer fighter you know, click here for our Individual Wig Requests form. If you work for a hospital, cancer center, or a volunteer organization supporting children with cancer, and you’d like to request a free box of wigs, click here for our Hospital Box Requests form

    What wig styles are currently created by The Magic Yarn Project?

    • The Magic Yarn Project gifts over three dozen different types of character wigs and beanies! We love being able to spark every child’s imagination, no matter what their favorite story is. Our most-requested wig styles are for Elsa, Rapunzel, and Ariel — but we’ve also got wigs for just about every character you can think of, from Belle to Jack Sparrow to Captain Marvel. For children who don’t want a full-headed wig with “hair,” we also make over two dozen different super-soft character beanies, including Batman, Green Lantern, PJ Masks, Minions, Paw Patrol, and many more. You can see the list of all of our wigs and beanies available on our Individual Wig Request form here, or you can view our Princesses and Pals Gallery to see our wigs in action.