Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why princess and pirate wigs, and superhero hats?
  • There is hardly a young girl or boy today who doesn’t love Disney movie stars, who are symbols of strength, courage, and true determination for young children everywhere. With or without hair, these kids are strong and beautiful, but having a chance to step into the role of their favorite Disney heroine/hero by putting on a wig, provides a magical escape for those who find themselves entrenched in the painful and difficult world of cancer.
  • Are certain kinds of yarn needed to make these wigs?
  • We create our yarn wigs on top of beanies crocheted using soft yarn.  Not only are these wigs beautiful and whimsical, but they are practical.  Cancer treatments often leave children’s bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs which can often be scratchy.  These wigs provide a soft and comfortable head covering that is also magical and fun.More about yarn used/needed
  • Where is The Magic Yarn Project based out of and how does it operate?
  • The Magic Yarn Project was created in Palmer, Alaska in October 2015.  We are starting from humble means with the initial effort of two mothers, but are quickly working and organizing to deliver wigs and bring wig making workshops all over.  We currently accept donated crocheted beanies (patterns here) from all over and then volunteers, or “Magic Makers” from the community add strands of long hair into princess hairstyles during workshops.  We then package and deliver these wigs to little cancer-fighters worldwide – for free!More about us
  • How can I help?
  • There are so many ways you can help!  We have had help from hundreds of people in the following ways: ~ Monetary donations through our GoFundMe Page.~ Yarn donations (types needed)~ Crocheted beanies and wig accessories (patterns here)~ Knitters can donate knit wig accessories – snowflakes, starfish, and flowers! (Instructions)~ “Fun” Raisers to help us purchase supplies and cover shipping costs (we have had sororities and Girl Scout troops help us in this way)~ Sticker drives (we use sparkly princess stickers to decorate princess greeting cards that accompany each wig we deliver)~ Wig making (we will soon have video tutorials available on our website so anyone can make these wigs!)

    We welcome any and all help and thank our many Magic Makers for their contributions!

    Learn more here (And view a printable flyer to accompany your Fundraising)

    • I would love to make these wigs!  How can I do that?

    We are currently making video tutorials for the various styles of wigs we create. We plan to make them all available on our website within the next few months so that anyone anywhere can make these wigs! Signup on our mailing list to receive updates on these tutorials.

  • You can find almost all of the needed supplies at our Amazon Magic Market.
    • Will you be bringing workshops to my area anytime soon?

    Our goal is to train many Magic Makers all over the nation to put on wig-making workshops and will update our website and Facebook page with information as we are able to bring a workshop to your area.  This highly depends on getting enough funding to expand our project in this way, but rest assured we are working tirelessly to make this happen! 

    • How can I start my own chapter?
  • We are currently organizing our Chapter Leader Application process! Stay tuned! Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on chapters.
    • How can I request a wig?

    Whether you’d like to request a wig for a specific little cancer fighter, or for a cancer center, you can do so on our website here.

    • I have begun making wigs on my own to give to local children fighting cancer.  Is this okay?  Do I need your permission?

    We have no patent on yarn wigs, so you are free to make wigs and do with them as you wish.  We are glad that our project has inspired others to make a little magic for the cancer fighters in their area, because service and volunteerism are a key part of our project’s mission. However, we ask that you do not affiliate your work with The Magic Yarn Project unless you are planning on sending the wigs you make to us to be checked, sized, and sent out with our special packaging.  Through much trial and error we have discovered that while anyone can make these wigs, the final product needs to meet certain standards in order to be comfortable and wearable on the tender little scalps of cancer patients.  We simply want to make sure that the wigs sent out by The Magic Yarn Project are comfortable and of the best quality possible.

    I don’t crochet, but I can knit. Do you have any knitting patterns?

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    We currently don’t have any knitting patterns for our beanies. But, you can knit any of our Wig Accessories! Snowflakes, starfish, and more!

    • Can I make wigs and send them to The Magic Yarn Project to be distributed to little cancer fighters?

    Absolutely!  We need Magic Makers from around the country to assist us in making enough wigs to meet our demand.  Following the instructions, patterns, and tutorials found on our website should direct you to make a quality wig, which you can mail to:

    The Magic Yarn Project, PO Box 83, Palmer, AK 99645

    ~ Rapunzel (resembles Rapunzel with flowers and ribbon in her braid)

    ~ Elsa (resembles Queen Elsa with a sparkly snowflake and ribbon embellishments)

    ~ Ariel (resembles Ariel with a sparkly starfish and ribbon)

    ~ Jasmine (resembles Princess Jasmine with a jewel and ribbon)

    ~ Anna Beanie (resembles princess Anna with a bedazzled flower)

    ~ Elsa Beanie (resembles Queen Elsa if she were to wear a blue beanie over her sparkly white braid)

    ~ Rainbow (pink, purple, and blue sparkly yarn with sparkly jewel and ribbon embellishments)

    ~ Captain Jack Sparrow (Dark red beanie with thick various black yarns and funky beads)

    ~ Belle ( resembles Belle with a yellow ribbon and rose accessory)

    ~ Moana (resembles Moana with a crown of sparkly flowers)

    ~ Aurora

    ~ Cinderella

    ~ Pocohontas

    ~ Tiana

    ~ A variety of superhero styles: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Captain

    America, Iron Man, Ninja Turtles…

    ** We also have special magic makers who are willing to fill any requests for

    A wig style not found on this list! **

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    • Have you considered making more wigs in styles most boys would like?

    We certainly have!  We now have several options for our swashbuckling fighters! And we have clever Magic Makers that can sometimes work with special requests. There are also dozens of crocheting organizations that provide very nice and “cool” beanies for little boys in hospitals worldwide.

    As we are a fairly new and small organization with 1000+ wigs requested in just a few months, our priority is to be able to keep up with our current demand and get the funding necessary to do so before we can consider expanding and adding new wig styles.  Please be patient with us as we work as quickly and tirelessly as we can to deliver magic to as many cancer fighters as possible, and just know that we have not forgotten about the many boys out there who are fighting cancer and need a little magic in their lives, too.

    • How do you choose which wigs to make?

    The wigs we make are simply chosen based on the types of wigs that are requested! We cater to what wigs girls and boys are asking for and have no bias towards race or background. Sometimes we receive special requests that our amazing Magic Makers are able to create!

    • What if a little boy fighting cancer would like a princess wig?

    We will certainly give a wig to any little cancer-fighter out there who would like one, boy or girl. Magic is for everyone!