***Katie’s Yarn***
by Holly | 

I first became acquainted with Katie’s story in the very beginnings of The Magic Yarn Project when her family reached out to us with an idea of how they could contribute to our cause…….

Katie was a strong, outgoing, active, and happy fifteen year old when she was diagnosed with cancer. Despite several years of difficult treatment, Katie remained positive and ever concerned for doing good for others. She volunteered at the Make-a-wish office several hours a week despite her treatment and could always be seen wih her permanent “megawatt smile”. Though cancer took her life a little over a year ago, she did not lose her battle to cancer; she won by keeping a beautiful attitude through it all.

Towards the end of her life, Katie said, “I’m not dying of cancer, I’m just living a shortened life with some limits on it. I do not want to be known as the dying girl. I want to be that girl that made life worth every second for as long as she could.” Katie was a knitter and left behind beautiful skeins of yarn that her family said she would have wanted to be used for another’s benefit, so they passed her yarn on to The Magic Yarn Project. Katie’s yarn is kept in a special spot, and when it is used to make a wig, we include a note for its recipient that another cancer warrior’s love and legacy has gone into helping bring them magic and smiles.

Katie you won’t just be known as the girl who lived her life well, but as a strong princess, an incredible role model, and ultimate Magic Maker who continues to give your light to others long after your life ended. Thank you for inspiring us along our journey with this project and thank you to the Elliott family for the precious gift of Katie’s yarn. 

Princess Katie Princess Katie Princess KatiePrincess Katie's yarn lives on Princess Katie's yarn