Flowers!!! Sparkly, easy, and perfect for beginner Magic Makers!


General Guidelines

  • Flowers should be fake/silk.
  • NO paper, plastic, foam or crocheted flowers!
  • Take flowers off stems and remove all plastic backings and centers so the flowers can lay as flat as possible when glued on the wigs.
  • Layer and glue flowers together with hot glue.
  • Add a crafting gem to the center.
  • Flowers that work well: Gerbera daisies, daisies, hydrangeas, hibiscus,
  • DO NOT use bulky flowers (they do not lay flat). Example of flowers to avoid: lilies, peonies, roses, chrysanthemums.

Large Rapunzel

    1. For full wigs or yellow beanie style Rapunzel wigs
    2. purple/lavender in color
    3. About 6 inches across
    4. One used per wig


Small Rapunzel

    1. About 1 dozen used for each Rapunzel wig
    2. About 2 inches across
    3. Colors of soft purple/lavender; soft pinks, soft blues, and white also acceptable


Large Golden Rapunzel

    1. One used per wig
    2. Used on purple beanies style Rapunzel wigs
    3. About 6 inches across
    4. Gold or yellow with accents of orange with complementary colored gems


    1. Between 12-18 used on each wig
    2. Sizes varying from 2-6 inches across
    3. Bright tropical colors