“Bedazzling” Flowers

The Magic Yarn Project needs thousands of fabric flowers every month. Our flower combinations are sparkly, easy, and perfect for beginner Magic Makers! Watch the video below to see why bedazzling flowers is the first project for many volunteers who want to help The Magic Yarn Project bloom.

General Guidelines

  • Flowers should be fake/fabric. NO paper, plastic, foam, felt, or crocheted flowers (with the exception of Belle’s Rose). 
  • Take flowers off their stems/leaves and remove all plastic backings and centers. Keep ONLY the fabric petals, so that the flowers lie as flat as possible when glued on the wigs.
  • Stack and glue 2-3 fabric flower layers in complementary colors together with hot glue. Moana flowers (only) may also have some small, flat leaves glued to the back.
  • Add a flat-backed plastic crafting gem to the center. NO spherical/double-sided gems, glass, pearls, or buttons, please!
  • Flowers that work well: Gerbera daisies, smaller daisies, hydrangeas (our favorites for Rapunzel!), hibiscus, pansies, carnations, ranunculus, dahlias, and tweedia. Remember to remove ALL plastic pieces between petal layers of fuller flowers like ranunculus and dahlias.  
  • DO NOT use bulky flowers (that do not lay flat). Examples of flowers to avoid: lilies, peonies, roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, or anything with plastic glued to the petals.
  • Please see below for the size & color combinations that we need!

Give or mail your finished flowers to your local Chapter or Region Leader.
If you would like to know which kinds are needed most in your area, please email your nearest Region Leader. 

Large Purple Rapunzel Flower

  • For yellow beanie Rapunzel wigs; one used per wig
  • Purple/lavender petals
  • Clear, purple, pink, or yellow/gold center gem
  • About 5-6 inches across

Large Golden Rapunzel Flower

  • For purple beanie-style Rapunzel wigs; one used per wig
  • About 6 inches across
  • Petals are gold or yellow with accents of orange
  • Center gem should be clear, yellow, gold, or orange

Small Rapunzel Flowers

  • About 1 dozen used for each Rapunzel wig
  • About 1-2 inches across
  • Petals in soft purple/lavender; soft pinks, soft blues, and white also acceptable
  • Gems should be clear, purple, pink, or yellow/gold

Moana Flowers

  • Between 12-18 used on each wig
  • Sizes varying from 2-6 inches across
  • Bright tropical colors for petals and gems