Where Do I Send My Stuff?

Our shipping locations have changed! 
If you are an approved Magic Maker and you have finished wigs or character beanies to donate, you may ship them to whichever of our three donation locations is closest to you.

Katie Powell

PO Box 650
Arroyo Grande, CA 93421


Shelly Allen

PO Box 449
Kings Mills, OH 45034


Jessica Suttles

PO Box 684
Rockmart, GA 30153


⭐ What if I want to donate something other than finished wigs?

Because of COVID-19, we are not able to hold large workshops at this time. We are still sending completed wigs and character beanies to brave cancer fighters all over the world. However, without workshops to assemble the pieces, we are not able to process any in-kind donations other than finished wigs and finished character beanies that are sent in by our approved Magic Makers. These volunteers have received one-on-one feedback and coaching on their wigs from Magic Yarn leaders. 

Please do not send us plain beanies, envelopes, flowers, crocheted accessories or parts, etc. until further notice. Any specific needs for these items will be posted on The Magic Yarn Project’s Facebook Page on “What We Need Wednesdays” and then submitted by the sign up link in each post. You can also view our Current Needs sign up list here

Our organization is still run 100% by unpaid volunteers. We store all of our received donations in our own homes. Unsolicited in-kind donations will be lovingly passed on to other nonprofits. 


⭐ What about my Chapter Leader’s needs?

If you are currently working with a local Chapter Leader or Region Leader for specific donations, or if you would like to donate cut and bundled hair yarn to your closest leader, please stay in touch with her by email. You can see our full staff list and their contact information here.


⭐ How do I become an approved Magic Maker?

If you are interested in becoming an approved Magic Maker so you can continue making complete wigs at home, here are the steps to follow:

1. Make sure you are a Magic Circle Member. Membership is $20 for a full 12-month calendar year and grants you unlimited access to Magic Yarn’s entire library of wig-making instructions, tips, checklists, tutorial videos, and more. It also gives you access to our Member forums where you can ask questions and receive help directly from Magic Yarn leadership. Membership dues go directly to paying for our web hosting costs and wig shipping expenses. You can find out everything you need to know about a Magic Circle membership here.

2. Purchase (or solicit donations from friends) all the supplies needed to make your wigs. In general, we are not sending wig-making kits to volunteers at this time. Refer to the supplies lists and shopping lists in Magic Circle for your desired wig.

3. Use the Magic Circle checklists and tutorials to make your first wig. As a word of advice, be very, very sparing in your use of hot glue! We almost never receive wigs made by volunteers at home without glue problems. If even a small speck of glue leeches through the beanie, it creates a sharp spot on the bare head of a cancer patient, and the wig becomes unwearable. There should be no glue visible anywhere on your finished wig, and no glue felt underneath the beanie when stretched.

4. Print off and fill out a Feedback Form, and ship your wig to our Northeast leader, Shelly, or West Coast leader, Katie. Shelly and Katie’s shipping addresses and contact information are listed above. Shelly and Katie manage all of our approved Magic Maker processing, as well as running our Northeast and West Coast donation sites, so please allow plenty of time for them to get back to you.

5. Wait for feedback from Shelly or Katie and work directly with her as your wig-making coach. Soon you will be ready to make the best-quality wigs for brave cancer fighters from the comfort of your home!