Where Do I Send My Stuff?

Our shipping locations have changed! 
If you are an approved Magic Maker and you have finished wigs or character beanies to donate, you may ship them to whichever of our two donation locations is closest to you.

Donation locations map graphic

Katie Powell

PO Box 650
Arroyo Grande, CA 93421


Shelly Allen

PO Box 449
Kings Mills, OH 45034


⭐ What if I want to donate something other than finished wigs?

Because of COVID-19, we are not able to hold large workshops at this time. We are still sending completed wigs and character beanies to brave cancer fighters all over the world that are donated by our trained volunteers. However, without workshops to assemble the pieces, we are not able to process any in-kind donations of wig parts and pieces. Thus, please do not send us plain beanies, envelopes, flowers, crocheted accessories or parts, etc. until further notice.

As our hubs use and run low on any of these particular items, specific requests will be posted on The Magic Yarn Project’s Facebook Page on “What We Need Wednesdays.” Please make sure you are following us on Facebook to see these requests as we share them! If you would like to donate items for these requests, they are submitted using the sign-up link in each post. You can also view our Current Needs sign-up list here

Beyond individual wig & packaging parts and pieces, we always need more cut and bundled skeins of yarn for wig “hair.” You can find the list of yarns we need and instructions for how to cut it here. These finished cut bundles can always be sent to either of our donation locations. 

Our organization is still run 100% by unpaid volunteers. We store our received donations in our own homes. Unsolicited in-kind donations will be lovingly passed on to other nonprofits. 


⭐ What about my Chapter Leader’s needs?

If you are currently working with a local Chapter Leader or Region Leader for specific donations, or if you would like to donate cut and bundled hair yarn to your closest leader, please stay in touch with her by email. You can see our full staff list and their contact information here.


⭐ How do I become an approved Magic Maker?

If you are interested in becoming an approved Magic Maker so you can continue making complete wigs and character beanies at home, you can find out all that you need to know on our Become an Approved Magic Maker page