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Hello! We’re Holly & Bree


We’re so happy you’re here and ready to help bring smiles to children across the globe! There are a few things we need to ask of you…
1. Don’t deliver wigs to hospitals. We’ve built up relationships with cancer treatment centers and for quality control purposes, the wigs they receive need to be approved by a Magic Yarn team member first. 
2. Don’t host workshops without the guidance of your Region Leader. Workshops can VERY easily get out of hand and wigs can ruined. TRUST US! We’ve been there. 
3. Please don’t use our tutorials to sell wigs. Our wigs are meant to go to children for free. 


1. Choose a wig!

Review all the resources for a wig below!

2. Gather Supplies

Follow a tutorial at your own pace. 

3. Ship your creation(s)

Finished wig(s) go to your Region Leader!

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See all wig choices below


2 Elsa wig styles to chose from! 




2 Rapunzel styles to choose from! 



2 Anna styles to choose from!




Flowing red locks with a fishy-swishy style!



Be our guest and give this beauty a go!



An adventurous Princess with an eye for jewels!


Tropical flowers and sun-kissed hair!



Jack Sparrow (pirate)

Be ye ready fo’ a jolly good time!

Coming Soon!

All wigs go to your Region Leader

Quality Control is Extremely Important To Us

Our Region Leaders are trained to spot even the tiniest imperfection that may make a wig unwearable. Please don’t chance it and deliver a wig to a hospital yourself. Imagine a child that is so excited to receive a gorgeous looking wig, only to try it on and discover that it hurts their sensitive scalp 😔

"All this giggly and smiling, dancing, child-like behavior has been hidden for so long behind being brave and enduring the seemingly endless therapy. Thank you so much for this priceless gift of being able to see that she still is - underneath all the grown up behavior - my little girl." 💞

Mother of Marlene, a 6 year old in Germany with kidney cancer

“It’s so cute! Thank you for your time, creativity and love for kids with cancer. He’s recovering from having his kidney removed two weeks ago- and he’s doing great! We send you love and gratitude.”

Mother of Owen

"She is kicking cancer's booty!" and was so excited to receive this soft and beautiful Elsa wig to bring a little magic and play to her days which are often less than ideal for any 4 year old.

Mother of Grace, a 4 year old beating cancer