New to Magic Yarn? Start Here!

The Magic Yarn Project delivers thousands of smiles around the globe every year—but we need your help.

When cancer turns a child’s world upside down, it takes a village of love to bring hope and sunshine back to them and their family, and YOU can be a part of it! Our Magic is 100% volunteer-powered by people just like you. Choose an option below to see how you can get involved today.

Donate Funds

Because we send our wigs to children for free, our largest cost is always shipping expenses. Our shipping funds reserve has dipped perilously low in 2020! We rely entirely on donated funds to keep sending out the Magic—and since we have no paid staff, you can be confident that every penny of your donation helps get wigs into the hands of little cancer fighters. Click here to learn more about your tax-deductible donation. 

Spread the Word

The Magic Yarn Project has never mounted an advertising campaign; in fact, we have never spent a single dime on publicity. Instead, we have been given the great gift of word-of-mouth sharing by people just like YOU!

Every time Magic Yarn goes “viral,” our reach expands to a new wave of hospitals and families fighting childhood cancer. We rely on people telling their friends about Magic Yarn to be able to get princess and superhero wigs and beanies in the hands of the little people who love them. When you share a Magic Yarn post on Facebook, you are participating in the biggest way possible to let more families know about how they can receive some Magic, too! 

Be sure to follow our page on Facebook and subscribe to updates so that you don’t miss a minute of the good news. Then, when you see something that inspires you, please share it with those you love.


Cut Yarn for Wig Hair

With COVID-19 limiting our ability to hold workshops, we are relying more than ever before on our volunteers crafting certain materials from home. Don’t crochet? Not a problem! Our shipping hubs still need skeins of yarn wrapped and cut to length for making our wig “hair.” You can find the list of yarns we need and instructions for how to cut it here. 

Crochet Character Beanies

Magic isn’t limited to just princesses. Some of our most popular “wigs” aren’t wigs at all—they’re beanie-based crocheted hats in the look of kids’ favorite characters! The Magic Yarn Project sends out over two dozen different kinds of “Character Beanies” to kids and hospitals all over the world, from Spider-Man to PJ Masks to Baby Shark, and each one is lovingly crocheted by hand by individual volunteers. 

After feedback from thousands of families of little cancer fighters, we have found specific patterns and yarn types to be more successful than others. Please use our patterns and approved yarns, listed here, as you create for us. 

In order to help you be successful right from the start, we ask you to send us two crocheted beanies for feedback and approval before making more. This allows us to share with you the pointers we’ve learned over the years about making the most durable and comfortable headwear for kids with hair loss. Please send in your two beanies with the printable Feedback Form linked here. Then select the shipping hub nearest you to send in your hard work.

We are often asked about which styles of Character Beanies are most popular or are needed most, and the short answer is that it’s probably a tie! Since our selection is so large, we don’t really have certain styles that we go through more of than others. We encourage Magic Makers to create the beanies that they enjoy making. We can guarantee that each one will bring smiles and cheer to kids who need them the most.  

What About Wigs?

Keeping our Magic Makers and the kiddos who receive our wigs safe is our biggest priority, and so in the context of COVID-19, we are not holding wig-making workshops until further notice. Our shipping hubs do have a sufficient repository of wigs on hand to keep the Magic rolling out for the time being, and we are relying on our Approved Wig Makers to fill in any gaps.

We firmly believe that anyone can make Magic—but in order to ensure that we are gifting little cancer fighters the highest-quality wigs possible, and to help our volunteers be successful right from the start, we ask all first-time wig makers to learn our techniques from one of our trained leaders and/or using our video training materials. If you would like to know more about these training opportunities, you can find information about our membership program, Magic Circle, here.